Colorado Mineral Society Field Trips

Upcoming CMS Field Trips:

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2022 CMS Field Trips List:




May 14, 2022

Hartsel - Barite

Hartsel, CO


North Table Mountain - Zeolites

Golden, CO

June 4, 2022

Two Creeks – Barite

Northeastern CO

June 11, 2022

Botryoidal Fluorite

Canon City, CO

June 18, 2022

Arroya Gulch – Red Garnite

Fremont County, CO

June 25, 2022

Flat Tops - Goethite psuedomorphs after Pyrite, Fossils


July 1, 2022 Smoky Hawk Junior Only Field Trip Lake George, CO

July 10, 2022

Butterfield Ranch - Adults Trip Colorado
July 10, 2022 Butterfield Ranch – Juniors Only (Fee) Colorado
July 15, 2022 Harris Park Claim Hunt - Smoky quartz, amazonite Bailey, CO

July 22, 2022 (#1)

Smoky Hawk - Amazonite, Smoky Quartz

Lake George, CO

July 23, 2022 (#1)

Tarryall Topaz Claim (Fee)

Lake George, CO

July 29, 2022 (#2)

Smoky Hawk - Amazonite, Smoky Quartz

Lake George, CO

July 30, 2022 (#2)

Tarryall Topaz Claim (Fee)

Lake George, CO

August 6, 2022

Last Chance Mine (Fee) - Sowbelly Agate, Amethyst

Creede, CO

August 13, 2022

Houselog Creek - Thundereggs


August 14, 2022 Fourmile Creek Canyon - Botryoidal Fluorite Canon City.CO

August 20, 2022 (Canceled)

Mt Antero (Fee) - Aquamarine -Cancelled


August 27, 2022 (Canceled)

Spruce Grove - Topaz, Smoky Quartz, Feldspar


September 3-5, 2022 (Labor Day)

Blue Forest Petrified Wood and Big Springs Palm Wood

Fontenelle, Wyoming

September 22-25, 2022

Thomas Range – Topaz, Red Beryl, Garnite, Dugway Geodes

Delta, Utah

October 15, 2022

Baculite Mesa- Baculites, clams, ammonites

Pueblo, CO

October 22, 2022

Book Cliffs - Barite

Grand Junction, CO


Note:  The field trips will be posted on the CMS fieldtrip website throughout the summer and automated email notifications will go out when new trips are added. 

Yellow highlighted trips are for junior rockhounds and their families.

Bolded dates indicate confirmed trips.  All other unbolded dates are tentative.

CMS Field Trip Rules

  • You can sign up online for a field trip. Reconfirm that you will be attending shortly before the trip date. This is good manners as well as good sense!  Trip leaders have the right to      refuse attendance for those not signed up and are not obligated to wait for unconfirmed participants.
  • Some trips are restricted with the number of people that can participate.  If you sign up and then cannot attend, please remove your name off the online sign-up page or notify the trip leader as soon as possible to release the spot being reserved for you.
  • On the day of the trip at the meeting location, the field trip leader will collect the Release and Waiver Liability Form for Field Trips that must be signed by all attendees.  Claim owners and landowners may have additional liability forms that need to be filled out and signed.
  • When you leave the field trip site, be sure to check with the trip leader so they know you and your group are accounted for.
  • You are responsible for the behavior and actions of your guests and minor children. Note that all guests and minor children must be members of CMS to attend club field trips unless we are conducting joint trips with other clubs.
  • At a few locations (for example old mine sites, operating quarries), safety issues or regulations may prevent minor children from attending the trip. Such restrictions will be noted in the trip write-ups.
  • If you dig holes looking for minerals or fossils, please fill it in the holes when you are done.  This is a requirements on all Federal Lands, as well as private lands.
  • Dogs or other pets are not allowed on any field trip.  Please do not leave your dogs in your vehicles during the field trip.
  • Respect private property of all kinds!  Do not disturb or remove claim markers.  Don’t trespass in areas adjacent to the field trip site. Ask permission if you must gain access to private land.

American Federation of Mineralogical Societies "Code of Ethics"

  • I will respect both private and public property and will do no collecting on privately owned land without permission from the owner.
  • I will keep informed on all laws, regulations or rules governing collecting on public lands and will observe them.
  • I will, to the best of my ability, ascertain the boundary lines of property on which I plan to collect.
  • I will use no firearms or blasting material in collecting areas.
  • I will cause no willful damage to property of any kind such as fences, signs, buildings, etc.
  • I will leave all gates as found.
  • I will build fires only in designated or safe places and will be certain they are completely extinguished before leaving the area.
  • I will discard no burning material - matches, cigarettes, etc.
  • I will fill all excavation holes which may be dangerous to livestock.
  • I will not contaminate wells, creeks, or other water supplies.
  • I will cause no willful damage to collecting material and will take home only what I can reasonably use.
  • I will practice conservation and undertake to utilize fully and well the materials I have collected and will recycle my surplus for the pleasure and benefit of others.
  • I will support the rockhound project H.E.L.P. (Help Eliminate Litter Please) and will leave all collecting areas devoid of litter, regardless of how found.
  • I will cooperate with field-trip leaders and those in designated authority in all collecting areas.
  • I will report to my club or federation officers, Bureau of Land Management or other authorities, any deposit of petrified wood or other materials on public lands which should be protected for the enjoyment of future generations for public educational and scientific purposes.
  • I will appreciate and protect our heritage of natural resources.
  • I will observe the "Golden Rule", will use Good Outdoor Manners and will at all times conduct myself in a manner which will add to the stature and Public Image of Rockhounds everywhere.